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Choqok Twitter app hits 1.0 RC1, adds many new features

Time flies when you're.... tweeting... The first release candidate of Qt Twitter app Choqok has been released ahead of the formal 1.0 release date on December 26th.

7 December 2010
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KdenLive 0.7.8 Released – new features, fixes [PPA]

The latest version of KDE's premier video editing application 'Kdenlive' has washed ashore - but what's new? Lots. Continue reading to see more.

15 September 2010

KOffice 2.2 Now Available for Kubuntu users to install

KOffice 2.2 – the latest and greatest version of the KDE Office suite – was released a few days ago with many improvements in stability & and file compatibility. Whilst many users will find OpenOffice the all-round-more-capable office suite, KDE […]

31 May 2010
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UbuntuOne KDE Frontend Coming Soon (PPA Inside)

KDE dev Harald Sitter has been working on something a lot of Kubuntu users are going to love: A native UbuntuOne frontend for KDE. And boy-oh-boy is does it look the business! The systray application […]

25 November 2009
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Quirky Wallpaper Series: KDE Edition

Want a rotational, zoom-able globe on your desktop? How about a flying animated star field?! Welcome to QUirky WaLlpapers KDE Edition. Star-Field  “plasma-wallpaper-starfield” is a desktop background for KDEthat places an animated starfield over your […]

3 November 2009