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Making Dolphin Even Better: Add ‘Service Menus’

Among the things that I love most in KDE is it's file manager - Dolphin. Dolphin is fast, looks great and is future-rich. Recently I've thought "How can Dolphin possibly get any better?" and today I stumbled upon a very neat and useful tweak for Dolphin that makes it almost perfect - service menus.

28 November 2011
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KDE Twitter App Choqok Updates with New Look

Chirp, chirp: The very capable KDE twitter application Choqok is available for download. Sporting a redesigned interface and a nest full of minor fixes, it's worth upgrading.

13 November 2011
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Rekonq Web Browser Hits 0.8 Stable

A new stable release of KDE web-browser Rekonq is available for download.

18 October 2011
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KDE Graphics App Krita Releases First 2.4 Beta

The first beta release from sketching and painting app Krita's 2.4 series has been made available for Download.

15 September 2011

‘Takeoff’ Adds OS X Lion-Style App Launcher to KDE

OS X Lion Launchpad inspired Plasmoid 'Takeoff' brings a full screen menu launcher to Kubuntu users.

31 July 2011
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Facebook Bans KDE Apps, Deletes Pics Uploaded Using Them [Update]

Update: Facebook has since restored access for the KDE applications and plugins, as well as re-adding the missing photos. Apparently the removal was a mistake caused by one of Facebook's automated systems. Facebook has banned KDE applications from uploading pictures to user profiles, deleting pictures that have already been uploaded using KDE apps in the process.

28 June 2011
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Linux Video editor KdenLive updates with rotoscoping, stop motion, light graffiti effects and more

With so many great new features present, Kdenlive 0.8 usurps the mantle as the most featured yet user-friendly video editor available for Linux.

27 April 2011
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Sentinella: automatically launch actions based on system activity

Sentinella might sound like name of a posh fragrance but the small app has been designed to keep your OS feeling fresh rather than yourself smelling such. It does this by monitoring your system resources for a pre-set 'condition', and then launching a specified action when this condition is met.

13 April 2011
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KDE Twitter app Choqok 1.1 released; how to download

An update to Qt Twitter client 'Choqok' is now available for download. Now on version 1.1, the release contains a new translator plugin; a timeline filter to make reading tweets in your stream from a specific person or topic easier and a new option to hide the menu bar.

3 April 2011
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Tomahawk media player offers multi-source library and genius playlists

Tomahawk is a new QT media player with a difference: it wants to playback anything you ask for - even if you don't have it on your hard-drive.

28 March 2011
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MusicMe: a transparent music player for Linux

Yes! Another music player! At least this one looks different, right?

5 January 2011
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Veromix – soundmenu tray plasmoid for KDE

'Veromix' provides KDE users with an Ubuntu-style sound menu plasmoid that can be used on the desktop or tucked up in the system tray.

8 December 2010