the kdenlive video editor

A bug-fix update to the refactored version of Qt-based video editor Kdenlive is available for download.

The first point release in the Kdenlive 19.04 series features fixes for almost 40 bugs, including some annoying issues affecting the timeline.

As Kdenlive is my go-to video editor on Linux, I’m always receptive to improvements, however minor.

Other fixes and bandaids included in Kdenlive 19.04.1:

  • Search effects from all tabs
  • Faster bin clip selection
  • Crash fix for projects with locked tracks
  • Correct thumbnails applied to clips
  • Broken fade-out effect fixed
  • Windows build fixes

Kdenlive devs are busy prepping a second point release to their video editor. This will features further bug fixes. Work on improving OpenGL support is also underway, while Kdenlive’s Titler tool will be worked on as a Google Summer of Code (GSCO) project.

Keen to get creative? You can download Kdenlive 19.04.1 from the Kdenlive website as an AppImage (.appimage).

As Kdenlive is available to download as an AppImage you can safely download and run the latest version alongside older builds.As an open-source project, a Kdenlive Windows build is also available to download from the project website.

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