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latte dock

The Best KDE Plasma Dock App Is Now Stable

KDE dock app Latte Dock has made its first stable release. The stylish desktop dock supports Plasma 5.8 and above and is available from the KDE Store.

2 April 2017
telegram logo

Telegram CLI User? Here’s a File Sending Script for Dolphin

Are you a KDE user of Telegram CLI? If so, OMG! reader Alessandro Longo has something you might want to use. He’s mailed in to link to a small service menu he’s written for the […]

26 March 2017
de slimbbook with penguin logo

The First KDE Slimbook Unboxing Video Appears Online

  If you’ve been itching to see more of the KDE Slimbook, the ultra-thin laptop announced by Spanish company Slimbook back in January, then you’re in luck. KDE developer (and all-round awesome chap) Jonathan Riddell snagged some one-on-one […]

16 March 2017
KDE bouncing ball

The KDE Ball Widget Bounces Back to Life

What's that boinging sound? Why, it's the sound of AWESOMENESS returning to the Plasma desktop.

14 March 2017

Do You Remember the KDE Bouncy Ball Widget?

Laughing as I threw a small red ball around my desktop — that's my earliest memory of using KDE. But what happened to the bouncy ball widget?

10 March 2017
plasma 5.8 desktop screenshot

Lockscreen Media Controls, Improved Touch Experience coming in KDE Plasma 5.10

Lock screen media controls are one of several productivity improvements in Plasma 5.10, which is due for release at the end of May.

9 March 2017
kde kube mail app

Kube, a new KDE email/PIM app, sees first tech preview release

KDE Kube mail is new email app for the KDE desktop, and has just made its first official release, albeit as a technical preview.

5 March 2017
unity kde plasma theme layout

Make Your KDE Desktop Look like Unity with this Plasma Theme Pack

Ever looked at your KDE Plasma desktop and wished it looked a little more …like the Ubuntu Unity desktop? If you have — and hello all 3 of you, by the way — be sure to check […]

22 February 2017
plasma simple menu for KDE

Simple Menu Launcher Is The KDE App Launcher I’ve Been Dreaming Of

I’ve recently started using KDE Plasma again after several years of only poking around in GNOME-based desktops, e.g. Unity, Budgie, Cinnamon, etc. While I wouldn’t say I’m fully orientated in K Desktop Environment land just yet I […]

1 February 2017
plasma 5.9

KDE Plasma 5.9 Released, This Is What’s New

KDE has announced the release of Plasma 5.9, the latest version of its modern desktop environment.  “Plasma 5.9 brings many exciting new features to your desktop”, project lead Jonathan Riddell says. But precisely what? Let’s take a […]

31 January 2017

Meet the KDE Slimbook, a Powerful Laptop Running KDE Neon

The KDE Slimbook is a new KDE-branded laptop that comes pre-loaded with the Ubuntu-based KDE Neon Linux distribution.

26 January 2017

How to Install KDE Connect on Ubuntu 16.04 ‘Xenial Xerus’

Using KDE Connect on Ubuntu you can send files from your phone to your Ubuntu PC, see Android notifications, sync clipboard and a whole lot more.

4 January 2017