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Ramme — Electron app

Desktop Instagram App Ramme Updated, Now Supports Uploading

The latest release of open-source desktop Instagram app Ramme lets you upload photos to Instagram from the desktop on mac, windows and linux.

29 May 2017
upload photos to instagram from Ubuntu

How To Upload Photos to Instagram from Your Ubuntu PC

If you want to upload photos to Instagram from Ubuntu, you can! The photo sharing site now lets you upload photos without using the official Instagram app.

9 May 2017
instagram logo

Ramme is an Open-Source Instagram App for the Desktop

Ubuntu Phone has an unofficial Instagram app called Instagraph, but (until now) there was no desktop client available for Ubuntu desktop. Although Instagram is (imo) best experienced through its official mobile apps, you can login and browse […]

6 October 2016
instagraph hero

Instagraph Adds Photo Filters and Image Editing Tools

Filters, cropping and direct messaging are among the latest improvement arriving in an update to Instagraph, the unofficial third-party Instagram app for Ubuntu Touch. Instagraph 0.0.3 adds much-missed image manipulation tools. You can now crop photos, make […]

2 October 2016
instagraph hero

Instagraph Update Adds Direct Messages, Pull-to-Refresh Support, Plus More

A big update to the unofficial Instagram app for Ubuntu Touch just hit the Ubuntu Store.

21 August 2016
instagram logo

Ubuntu Phone Instagram App Now Available To Install

Instagraph is an unofficial Instagram app for Ubuntu Touch. The app is free, and supports photo uploads, commenting, liking and more.

3 August 2016
instagram logo

Instagraph Is An Unofficial Instagram App for Ubuntu Phone

An all-new, native Instagram app is coming to Ubuntu Phone. Say hello to Instagraph.

29 July 2016

Instagram Just Killed the Instagram Scope for Ubuntu Phone

The Instagram Scope for Ubuntu Touch will stop working from May 31. This is the date Instagram retires access to its feed-reading APIs.

1 June 2016

Using Instagram on Ubuntu Phone Just Got Better

A refreshed Instagram Photos Scope features in the latest over-the-air update of Ubuntu Touch, which starts to roll out to supported devices from today.

6 April 2016
cats who love linux

14 Cats Who Love Using Linux!

Cats LOVE Linux, fact. But if you need purr-suading check out this post featuring 14 FOSS loving felines who use Fur-dora, Purrbuntu and OpenMews.

26 March 2016

This Ubuntu App Applies Instagram Style Filters to Your Photos

Looking for an Ubuntu app to apply Instagram style filters to your photos in Ubuntu? Grab your selfie stick and step this way…

13 May 2015

Desktop ‘Instagram’ App Being Made for Linux

Love it or loathe the photo-sharing service Instagram is incredibly popular - but unless you using the iOS or Android app there is no way to get the most out of it. Until now...

29 October 2012