whatcomesnextThink Linux is the glue that binds the internet together? Wake up and smell the kitty litter.

It is an indisputable feline fact that the internet is powered by cats. Sisal-covered science has proven that we watch more web content about cats than any other SFW subject out there.

But that doesn’t mean our furry friends dislike their web-footed rival. No, the penguin and the pussy cat have a mutual respect for one another.

Need purr-suading? 

I had nothing better to do today (okay, lots of better things to do, but little enthusiasm to do them) so I trawled Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr (yes, I checked, Flickr still exists) to collate the best command-line loving cats, fervent free-software felines, and sweetest open-source shorthairs.

Prepare to waste 3 whole minutes of your life on an article I spent far too long of mine creating.

1. Purrbuntu


2. Cat Monitor

“I’m your mew monitor.”

3. Distro Hopping Cat

“Ubuntu’s fast install helps me-owt.”

4. Commander Bash

Litter box or BusyBox — this cat uses the latter to do his business.

What's the password?

5. Less Is More Cat

This cat uses Fur-dora.

6. Ubuntu Cat

What better way to spend some time than by chasing a free and open-source mouse…

7. Crashing X

“You gotta be kitten me — Compiz has crashed again!”

8. Feisty Feline

A vintage photo pulled from Ubuntu’s hiss-tory.

Ubuntu: Linux for Cats

9. Purrvacy

Pixie Grumpkins holds the AES 256 key to my affections <3

10. Ubuntummy

She wanted GRUB in her belly, but all she got was this lousy sticker.

11. Red Hat Cat

This moggy is pawsitively tired after wrestling with a new Fedora install.

12. Kernel Panic

“This is the furred kernel panic today…”

13. Intrepid Ibex

Less intrepid, more snooze-id.

Ubuntu cat

14. Just adorable

Uthello loves Ubuntu

Show Us Your Cat!

Does your cat use Ubuntu? Does nextdoor’s feline favourite Fedora? Maybe your mum’s moggy is a member of the Mageia mafia…?

Whatever the cat, whatever the distro we want to see ’em.

Share your photo on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #LinuxCats — we’ll revisit this post in a few weeks to add in the best of your photos!

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