bookmark indicator
A simple app with a simple purpose

Bookmarks indicator for Ubuntu is a small Python app that puts quick access to files and folders you in the status bar.

As demoed by the animated .gif opposite, this is pretty much all it does — but it’s all an applet like this needs to do!

Think of it as a handy way to quickly open the files you use regularly without needing to open a new file manager window or manually hunt it down in the Unity Dash.

Download Bookmarks Indicator

An installer for Bookmarks Indicator isn’t currently available but don’t let that put you off: it’s pretty simple to set up and run.

First, download Indicator Bookmarks source from GitHub:

Download Bookmarks Indicator

Extract the folder after it finishes downloading, and double-click to go inside.

Open the  config file in your favourite text editor (e.g., Gedit) and edit/add all the paths to all the folders/files you want to make accessible through the indicator menu, putting one per line.

Add --- where/if you want a menu separator to appear in the menu.


Hit save.

Finally, open a new Terminal window, cd into the extracted folder, and run the indicator:

cd ~/Downloads/bookmarks-indicator-master

You can customise the applet further using the following command-line flags:

 -i COLOR    icon color (default: '#010101')
 -c CONFIG   config file path (default: '<script-path>/config')
 -l LABEL    indicator label (default: '')
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