Pinta 2.0 screenshot

With a new year starting you might be planning to indulge your creative side this year — and if so, take a look at the latest stable release of open source image editing app Pinta.

Pinta 2.0 is major new release that completes the app’s transition to GTK3 and .NET 6. It’s a big foundational uplift that results in some welcome improvements. Pinta 2.0 now looks better on the modern Linux desktop, with GTK dialogs, choosers, pickers, and widgets all looking how they should.

Additionally, Pinta 2.0 boasts improved support for high-DPI displays, uses platform-native file dialogs, and switches to a single column toolbox. The latter change makes the app a little trickier to use when windowed or on a lower-res screens as tools at the bottom of the column spill off into a text-based overflow menu.

Pinta 1.7 (left) & Pinta 2.0 (right)

Recently used colours can now be accessed from the color palette widget (a big help), primary and secondary palette colours and tools save their settings between sessions, and the Pinta canvas area can be panned using a click drag with the middle mouse button.

And on Windows and macOS (Pinta is cross-platform, remember) the installers now bundle all of the necessary dependencies meaning users no longer need to head off to hunt down installers for GTK or .NET/Mono themselves. The app is now notarised on macOS too.

Pinta 2.0 is free, open source software available for Windows, macOS, and Linux desktops. Ubuntu users can install the latest release from the Snap store, or wait for the update to hit Flathub. Source code is on GitHub.

Thanks James & Jack

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