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YouTube Music Support Arrives in Google Play Music Desktop Player

You might have heard about YouTube Music, Google’s latest effort at creating a music streaming service able to rival Spotify and Apple Music. Anyone with a Google account can search for and listen to music on […]

3 July 2018
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Cloud Music App Nuvola Prepping New Look, Features

The unstable builds of cloud music player Nuvola are sporting a new look service selector and a more intuitive way to add and enable plugins.

3 July 2012
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Google Music Frame Gets Renamed, Adds Grooveshark, 8Track Support

Google Music Frame has a new name, and some new service support to boot.

20 November 2011
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Getting Started with Google Play Music on Ubuntu

Google Music, the search giants cloud-music player/storage service, slipped off its beta tag and emerged into the land of 'available to all' yesterday. But how do you go about making the most of it on Ubuntu?

17 November 2011
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Ubuntu Music App ‘Google Music Frame’ Seeking New Name

The desktop-integrated 'Google Music' web-app 'Google Music Frame' is seeking a new name.

16 November 2011
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Google Music Frame 0.3 Released, Adds Minor New Features

A new release of desktop-based Google Music player 'Google Music Frame' is available for download. It sports a number of new features, most of which we cast an eye over inside...

14 November 2011
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How to Enable Last.FM Scrobbling in Google Music Frame

As an avid user of both Google Music and Last.FM, enabling scrobbling in Google Music Frame - the integrated desktop web app for Google Music - was a must do. Annoyingly the instructions on the Google Music Frame website refused to work for me on any of my devices, but with a quick poke around I found a solution.

7 October 2011
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Google Music Frame 0.2 Released With New Icon, Features

A new version of Google Music Frame - the user-created desktop app for accessing Google's cloud-based music player - has been released with a new icon, support for multimedia keys, unity integration and a little bit more...

18 September 2011
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‘Google Music Frame’ for Ubuntu Provides System Integration For Google Music Beta

Web apps are great - but sometimes I miss system integration. Google Music is aprime example of this: it might let me access my entire music library from anywhere, but unless i'm on Android I'm browser-bound in controlling it. Step forward Ji?? Janou?ek, whose Google Music Frame gives Google Music a native system feel on Ubuntu.

28 August 2011
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Google Music Manager Finally Launches On Linux

Google have announced the release of Google Music Manager for Linux.

22 July 2011