Web apps are great – but sometimes I miss system integration. Google Music is aprime example of this: it might let me access my entire music library from anywhere, but unless i’m on Android I’m browser-bound in controlling it.

Step forward Jiří Janoušek, whose Google Music Frame gives Google Music a native system feel on Ubuntu.

Google Music Frame runs the Google Music web app in its own window, and provides integration with the Ubuntu sound menu and native system notifications.

Google Music – What Is It?

Google Music Beta, which was launched back in May, lets users upload as many as 20,000 tracks for free access and streaming through the web and mobile devices – wherever they are in the world. As played tracks are cached Google Music also retains a degree of offline capability.

Although Google restrict the service to America, requesting an invite via an American proxy is all that’s required to gain access.

Google launched a Linux version of the Google Music Manager (required for uploading tracks to the service) back in July.

Back to Google Music Frame

Jiří told me a bit more about his app via Google+: –

I’ve been playing with Google Music for a while and as a result I’ve created small application providing integration with Ubuntu sound menu and notifications.

[This is an] initial release so it can eat kittens and cause impotency. I’ve warned you!:-P

So if you’re more of a puppy person and aren’t keen on siring children just yet anyway, you can scroll on down for download instructions.

Minor Quibbles

I’ve been using it for a day or so, and although the app ran slow at first – presumably as it cached album art etc – it feels very stable. I’ve experience not crashes or system frak-ups (yet). I should also note that the Ubuntu integration works extremely well.

Maybe it’s because I’m a stat-hound but I do miss support for Last.FM. Accessing Google Music in either Google Chrome or Firefox allows the installation of user-scripts that enable scrobbling. It’d be nice to see these, at least optionally, available in Google Music Frame.

Although it’s early days I do hope the app finds for a better icon soon:

And a Unity quicklist wouldn’t go amiss, either:

How to install Google Music Frame in Ubuntu 11.04

Ubuntu 11.04 users can add the “release” builds PPA for something relatively stable. Just add ‘ppa:janousek.jiri/google-music-frame-releases’ to your Software Sources, update and then install ‘google-music-frame’ from the Ubuntu Software Centre.

Similarly, Ubuntu 11.04 and 11.10 users can also add the Daily builds PPA for a touch more danger. Add ‘ppa:janousek.jiri/google-music-frame-daily’ to Software Sources, update and then install the app using the Ubuntu Software Centre.

If you want more information, or would prefer to compile from source, he project homepage can be found on Launchpad @launchpad.net/google-music-frame

Google Music Beta

Thanks to Jiří

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