The unstable builds of cloud music player Nuvola are sporting a new look service selector. 

Choosing a service to use is now as simple as choosing an item from a new sidebar, presented to a user when they first run the app, and accessible through the Service menu.

new-look Nuvola

The refined design will replace the “grid” layout currently used in the stable builds of the app.

New Icons Needed

To match the new look service selector the Nuvola team are looking for a designer to creare icons for services.

Given all sorts of legal issues that surround the copyright of logos, the service icons may need to be ‘inventive’ in denoting a service. But if you think you can lend a hand add a comment over at

Other New Items

Other new items to feature in the next stable release of the app is plugin support.

Currently adding extra features to Nuvola is a hassle. You have to manually download userscripts from the web, place them into a special hidden folder, and then activate them though the Preferences menu.

Not hard, but not fun.

Thankfully the developers are making this easier by adding a ‘Plugins’ system that comes with many popular features pre-installed.

From here, you can enable and disable various integration features of the app with the desktop and online services (Last.Fm scrobbling, Sound Menu integration, Unity quicklist support, etc.)

extensions in Nuvola

Unstable builds of Nuvola are available to install from a PPA, but are not intended for use by casual users.

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