A new version of Google Music Frame – the user-created desktop app for accessing Google’s cloud-based music player – has been released.

google music frame gets unity support

New Stuff

The smallest but perhaps mostnoticeablechange is a slick new application icon.Admittedlythis isa minor change, but it’s one that gives the application an extra bit of polish.

Google Music Frame's new icon, created by Alexander King

Version 0.2 also boasts initialsupport for userscripts (allowing the scrobble-addicted amongst us to report our plays back to Last.FM from within the app). Installing userscripts is the most user-friendly of procedures at present, but i’m just happy support for them is there at all.

As shown above a Unity quicklist with easily-accessible playback controls is available for Unity users. Users ofDocky, AvantWindow Navigator and DockBarX are also able to benefit from “quicklist” integration, as are any other DockManagercompliantdocks.

Gogole Music Frame Docky

Multimedia key support has now been added to the app, and for those users without multimedia keys the “Pause” key (also known as the “break” key) can be ‘enabled’ to act as a multimedia key for pausing/resuming music.

To enable this open the Google Music Frame configuration filelocatedin ~.config/google-music-frame/main.confand add ‘pause_key = on‘ (sans the quote marks) to the end of the file.

Remember to hit ‘Save’ before exiting, and to restart the application for the feature to take effect.

Google Music: What Is It?

Google Music Betalaunched back in May of this year, offering anyone who signs up the ability to upload 20,000 music tracks for free access andstreamingthrough the web and mobile devices wherever they are in the world. As tracks played in Google Music are cached locally the app doesretain a degree of offline functionality.

Googlelaunched a Linux version of the Google Music Manager(required for uploading tracks to the service) back in July.

Installing, Upgrading to Google Music Frame 0.2 for Ubuntu

Ubuntu 10.10, 11.04 and 11.10 users can grab Google Music Frame 0.2 from the Google Music Frame Releases PPA.

First add ‘ppa:janousek.jiri/google-music-frame-releases’to your Software Sources, followed by running anupdate using Update Manager. After this you can search for and install ‘google-music-frame’ from the Ubuntu Software Centre.

If you want more information, or would prefer to compile from source, head over tolaunchpad.net/google-music-frame

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