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use iPad second monitor with linux

Using a Tablet as a Second Monitor in Ubuntu is Actually Pretty Easy

You can use an iPad or Android device as a second monitor on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS thanks to GNOME 42 and changes it made to RDP. We look at how to set it up.

13 June 2022
ubuntu 22.10: GNOME text editor

Ubuntu 22.10 Replaces Gedit with New Text Editor

The latest daily builds of Ubuntu 22.10 'Kinetic Kudu' come with GNOME's new GTK4-based text editing tool by default. Find out why Gedit has been replaced.

30 May 2022
framework laptop ubuntu

How to Disable Animations in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

It's easy to disable animations in Ubuntu 22.04. You don't need extra apps or commands; a setting to turn off UI effects is now present in the Settings app.

10 May 2022

Updated: A New Dynamic Wallpaper Maker for GNOME 42

Making your own dynamic backgrounds for use in GNOME 42 just got easier thanks to a new GTK4 app. It makes light/dark wallpaper creation a cinch.

26 April 2022
dash to panel

Dash to Panel Adds GNOME 42 Support

The Dash to Panel GNOME extension now supports GNOME 42 and Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. The extension combines top bar and dock into one unified panel.

7 April 2022

Major Update: GNOME 42 Released, This is What’s New

The GNOME project today released GNOME 42, the latest version of its open source desktop environment. New features, UI tweaks, and performance gains are a staple part of every new GNOME desktop update, but none more so […]

23 March 2022
gnome console and text editor icons

Try GNOME’s New Terminal & Text Editor on Ubuntu 22.04

You can take GNOME's brand new text editor and terminal client for a spin in Ubuntu 22.04, ahead of the stable GNOME 42 release this later this month.

8 March 2022
gnome 42 features

The Best New Features in GNOME 42

We look at GNOME 42's new features in this run-down, including a new GNOME Shell theme, screenshot experience, libadwaita ports, and much, much more.

8 March 2022

Ubuntu 22.04 Just Got a BIG Design Update (Spoiler: Looks Awesome)

With feature freeze now in effect a huge drop of visual changes just hit the Ubuntu 22.04 daily builds, including GNOME Shell 42 and a Yaru theme update.

25 February 2022

GNOME 42 Features a Subtle, Yet Classy, Touch

Being ill last week meant I missed a few last-minute additions to GNOME 42 as it readied its beta build. Belated or not, I want to spotlight this change.

24 February 2022

Nautilus 42 Arrives in Ubuntu 22.04 Daily Builds

The latest version of the Nautilus file manager is winging its way to Ubuntu 22.04. A number of new features and improvements are included as a result.

24 February 2022

GNOME 42 Now Supports ‘Dark Wallpaper’ Option

Timed wallpaper slideshows have been given the chop but something new takes their place: support for 'dark' wallpapers tied to the dark mode setting.

9 February 2022