It seems that no Linux desktop worth its salt is complete without its own font. GNOME 3 has Cantarell, Unity has ‘Ubuntu‘, and now KDE is getting in on the typographic trend.

Meet ‘Oxygen’.

kde oxygen font

oxygen font in use

‘for use with KDE’

The Oxygen font ‘is a project designed to produce a ‘..legible font to use within the KDE gui.’

It’s designed by Vernon Adams, whose other fonts include Muli and FontOne, of which the Oxygen font is partly derived.

It seems that work on the font has only just begun with no details on what weights are to be available – although a monospace variant is on the cards – or when users can expect to find Oxygen ready for download.

With the KDE being rather meticulous in its appearance, one feels that having its own font would benefit the KDE desktop immeasurably.

Further information on the font can be found @

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