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Ubuntu font now available to all in Google Docs

Thanks to some quick work by Canonical Design Team member Paul Sladen, the Ubuntu font is now available for use in Google Docs for everyone regardless of operating system.

27 April 2011
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Ubuntu Font added to Google Font Directory

The Ubuntu font family has been added to the Google Font Directory, allowing web developers the world over to use the font on their site.

21 December 2010
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New Ubuntu font meets Android, looks stunning

OMG! Reader Nicholas Ipsen dropped by our inbox earlier today to show us some sweet Ubuntu font action in Android. As you might expect, the new font that Canonical contracted type foundry Dalton Maag to design looks brilliant on Google's mobile operating system. More screenshots after the jump.

5 October 2010
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New Ubuntu font lands in Maverick for all users

The new Ubuntu font that Canonical commissioned typeface designers Dalton Maag to develop for the Ubuntu operating system has landed in Ubuntu 10.10 for all users.

28 September 2010
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New Ubuntu font giving Maverick a miss?

Will the new Ubuntu font be landing in Maverick or is it too late? A bug report opened up by Alan Bell lends some discussion to whether we'll see the font commissioned by Dalton Maag grace Ubuntu 10.10 with its presence or not.

6 September 2010