Emesene Weather plug-in, perhaps not surprisingly, is a weather forecast plug-in for IM client Emesene.

The plug-in inserts a basic weather forecast pane at the very bottom of the contact list window.

The forecast displayed can be toggled between two “views” – a current overview and a weekly forecast (displayed below).

As you would expect you can select a city from an array of countries and cities. Other options allow you to set the refresh rate and decide the temperature unit to be displayed.

It uses Google Weather service to fetch the current weather condition of a chosen city.


Move the Weather.py file into the ‘plugins_base’ folder of your Emesene directory.

  • Alt+ F2
  • gksu nautilus /usr/share/emesene/plugins_base/

Start the IM client up and the plugin will appear in the plugins menu ready to be activated.

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