I love indicator applets almost as much as Emesene, so when the latest revisions to the weekly PPA builds of the titular app disabled support for the application indicator I had to find a way to re-enable it.

Thankfully it’s a snap to do and involves little more than uncommenting a few lines of a file – or simply replacing the whole thing with the one I’ve provided below.

So why was it disabled in the first place? The Emesene developers don’t feel that it’s stable enough. Personally I’ve never had an issue with it & have become far too accustomed to all-bar-one application on my panel behaving the same way to revert back to old-style panel applet behaviors.

Re-enable Indicator Applet for Emesene 1.6.x 
Download this trayicon.py file and replace yours with it.

PPA users will find it in /usr/share/emesene whilst branch users in their branch folder. Note that updating the branch/PPA will cause the file to be over-written.