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the dekko email client snap app

How to Install Dekko Email Client on Ubuntu Desktop

Dekko for Ubuntu Touch¹ may be going nowhere, but the re-written, Snap-based version is already starting to shine. And better yet: it’s available for testing right now. Development Snap builds of Dekko are available in the beta and […]

27 January 2017
nylas mail ubuntu theme

Nylas Mail Client Is Now Free To Use (Again)

The stylish desktop email client from Nylas is once again free to use, and has picked up a new name in the process. Nylas Mail is the new name for the open-source desktop app hitherto known as Nylas […]

18 January 2017

WMail Is a Desktop App For Gmail (And Yes, It Supports Linux)

Wmail is a free, open-source desktop app for Gmail that offers notifications, unread badges and multiple account support.

25 July 2016

Geary Email Client Gets First Update in Over a Year

A new version of open-source email client Geary is available to download, the first update to the app in more than a year.  The demise of Yorba as a non-profit software company a year or ago left the […]

16 May 2016
nylas n1 logo

Unified Inbox & Label Editing Arrive in Open-Source E-mail App ‘N1’

Open-Source e-mail client Nylas N1 is rolling out its biggest update since launch. A unified inbox and easier label editing are among the changes on offer.

7 February 2016

N1 Is A Beautiful Open Source Email App for Linux

Thunderbird, Evolution and Geary – three of the best known open-source email clients available on the Linux desktop. Today a new app launched that will be hoping to join the list above, an app that promises to […]

5 October 2015
Geary 0.10 Running in Ubuntu 14.10

How To Install Linux Email App Geary in Ubuntu

Geary, the popular desktop e-mail client for Linux, has been updated to version 0.10 — and it gains a glut of new features in the process.

31 March 2015

New Version of Linux E-Mail App ‘Geary’ Released

A new development release of new desktop e-mail app Geary has been released. Geary works with most popular webmail services, including GMail and Yahoo, as well as providing IMAP support.

2 October 2012

New E-Mail Client ‘Geary’ Launches on Linux

The makers of Shotwell have launched the first release of a new e-mail client for Linux. Geary 0.1 is described by Yorba as 'a lightweight email reader for the GNOME desktop'. It supports basic viewing and composing of e-mail, keyboard shortcuts and displays multi-threaded mails in a 'conversation' view.

5 May 2012
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[How to] Beautify Thunderbird in Ubuntu

Mozilla Thunderbird is the default email client in Ubuntu. It is easy to use and setup, has many advanced features and allows for easy customisation. And customization is exactly what this article is all about.

21 November 2011