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Nautilus-Elementary: Where’s it going? To Awesome-ville, that’s where.

Further to our in-depth look at the Future of Nautilus a week back, the Nautilus-Elementary team – who we cited heavily in that previous article – have posted their own plans for the unkempt file-manager. […]

6 March 2010
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elementary theme gets updated with new metacity, etched panel, love for totem

Everyone’s favourite GTK+ theme ‘elementary’ has gained a new metacity and panel style in a new release today. Remember that new Elementary metacity we sneakily showed you a few weeks back? Well it’s been polished […]

4 March 2010
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How To Install Nautilus CoverFlow In Ubuntu

Although a new name has yet to be decided for Nautilus-Elementary’s CoverFlow view (don’t forget to cast your vote on a new name in our poll) you’re probably itching to try it out, huh? Install […]

18 February 2010
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Elementary Needs You: What To Call Nautilus’ CoverFlow View?

The Elementary-Nautilus team are trying to decide what to call their “CoverFlow” view in Nautilus and they need your help. See the image above? Well like me you probably call it CoverFlow in your head […]

18 February 2010
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Elementary Theme Getting New Metacity

We love the Elementary theme here at OMG! and we know a large chunk of you do, too. If you’re not using the incredibly awesome eHomosapien metacity chances are you’re using the default Elementary metacity. […]

17 February 2010
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Give Nautilus’ Breadcrumbs A Sleek New Look

If you’re using the awesome Nautilus-Elementary you may love this. The following Elementary theme mod replaces the standard ‘breadcrumbs’ in Elementary-Nautilus with a slick ‘all-in-one’ set: – Original on top, Elementary-mod on bottom. Get it […]

5 February 2010
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Elementary Empathy Theme

An awesome elementary theme for Empathy, oddly submitted for potential inclusion in Lucid. The picture sells the theme better than typed words can. A must for Elementary fans. Download Install Extract the .zip folder […]

31 January 2010
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Zoom Slider Coming to Nautilus Elementary

The gorgeous Nautilus-Elementary (see previous post on how to install it here) seems to be taking some cues from other file-managers. Look what’s found it’s way into the main Nautilus window: – A zoom slider… […]

25 January 2010
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Nautilus Just Got Gorgeous

The Nautilus file-manager included in Ubuntu is… well.. crowded. We already saw some changes developers are taking to tame to the vast areas of wasted space and useless buttons in our over-view of Ubuntu Lucid […]

18 January 2010
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Elementary Theme Gets A PPA

One of the most popular themes for GNOME, Elementary theme, has finally landed itself in a PPA so that users may stay up-to-date with the latest tweaks, changes and improvements to the already flawless theme. […]

11 December 2009
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Elementary Theme XSplash

For fans of the ‘Elementary project‘ and their associated artwork you’ll be pleased to hear that the simplistic and minimal tones of Elementary have finally touched XSplash.  Created by design supremo Dan Rabbit (like the Karmic Humanity […]

15 November 2009