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Elementary style dropbox panel icons

Elementary users longing for some true Elementary-inspired Dropbox icons to use with the upcoming 0.8 release of the file-syncing application may wish to try the following icons, created by rugby471.Whilst we’ve featured many replacement icon […]

1 August 2010
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OMG! 5! – Five Elementary-Monochrome app icons

Elementary users wanting a consistent look to their notification area may find some of the following monochromatic icons perfect replacements for the unsubtle icons the applications mentioned ship with.

10 July 2010
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Postler: Elementary’s new mail client

Most desktop e-mail clients share the same interface layout and feature set making them great for people with lots to manage but not so great for just using e-mail as e-mail. About a week back we interviewed Elementary project lead and Ubuntu designer Dan Rabbit. We spoke/probed him about a few things - the full interview of which is going up shortly - but we were finally given sanction to talk about an exciting new addition to the roster of Elementary inspired applications:

6 July 2010
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Elementary Theme gets new release; improved look

A new release of the popular Elementary theme has been made – adding improved support for Nautilus-Elementary, a revised style for the Midori web browser and some new look minimal scroll bars. The theme also […]

10 June 2010
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Elementary Pidgin theme updated

Elementary is arguably one of the most popular 3rd party themes available so it can be rather annoying when using an application that don’t follow or fit in with the rest of your desktop theme. […]

1 June 2010
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icoGen lets you change the colours of the most popular icon sets

Do you love the Elementary icon set but wish it was green? Would you use Meliae if it was less pastel? Say hello to the answer: icoGen. icoGEN can generate whole new iconsets based on SVG […]

1 June 2010
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Nautilus-Elementary 2.30 For Lucid gets a PPA, will wow you

Nautilus-Elementary developer — and by developer I mean super hard working superhero developer — ammonkey has just pushed Nautilus-Elementary 2.30 into the Nautilus-Elementary PPA. Nautilus-Elementary 2.30 is phenomenal to look at, to use and to […]

23 April 2010
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elementary icons 2.4 released

A new release of the popular Elementary Icon set has been released. It’s been four months since the last major update so users can expect to find lots of new and improved icons in this […]

9 April 2010

Too Cute Not to Post: Elementary Icons For Caffeine

I know, I know: you hate minor posts. I get it, but I just noticed that one of fave Linux artists, 0rAX0, has uploaded an Elementary icon for Caffeine, the cool power-inhibiter application. You can download the icons from […]

23 March 2010
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Nautilus-Elementary: Where’s it going? To Awesome-ville, that’s where.

Further to our in-depth look at the Future of Nautilus a week back, the Nautilus-Elementary team – who we cited heavily in that previous article – have posted their own plans for the unkempt file-manager. […]

6 March 2010
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elementary theme gets updated with new metacity, etched panel, love for totem

Everyone’s favourite GTK+ theme ‘elementary’ has gained a new metacity and panel style in a new release today. Remember that new Elementary metacity we sneakily showed you a few weeks back? Well it’s been polished […]

4 March 2010
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How To Install Nautilus CoverFlow In Ubuntu

Although a new name has yet to be decided for Nautilus-Elementary’s CoverFlow view (don’t forget to cast your vote on a new name in our poll) you’re probably itching to try it out, huh? Install […]

18 February 2010