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GNOME Web Wants to ‘Compete With Electron’

GNOME Web, also known as 'Epiphany', now allows system web apps to run on other Linux desktops, positioning the app as a rival to Electron.

21 June 2016

Min Is a Minimal, Open-Source Web Browser for Linux

Min is a new open-source web browser for Windows, Mac and Linux. It is lightweight, with a minimal design and integrated DuckDuckGo features.

27 May 2016
etcher disk burning app ubuntu

Meet Etcher, A Stylish Open-Source USB Image Writer Tool

Looking for an easy-to-use way to create a bootable USB stick on Linux? This nifty new app can help. Heck, it even runs on Windows and Mac OS X, too.

15 May 2016

Franz Brings WhatsApp, Telegram and 12 Other Messaging Apps to Ubuntu

From Telegram to WhatsApp, via Slack and Steam Chat — Franz makes using multiple messaging services more manageable on Ubuntu.

27 April 2016
simplenote on linux

Simplenote Finally Has an Official Linux App

Simplenote, one of the most popular note-taking apps for iOS and Android, is finally available to install on Linux desktops

31 March 2016

Try This Mac-Inspired ‘Notes’ Clone For Linux

Notes is a free and open-source note taking app for Windows, Mac and Linux with a clean appearance inspired by the default Mac OS X Notes app.

7 March 2016
from scratch logo

‘FromScratch’ Is A Smart New Note Taking App for Ubuntu

In need of a simple, but smart note-taking app? This simple, open-source scratchpad should be at the top of your list.

11 February 2016
nylas n1 logo

Unified Inbox & Label Editing Arrive in Open-Source E-mail App ‘N1’

Open-Source e-mail client Nylas N1 is rolling out its biggest update since launch. A unified inbox and easier label editing are among the changes on offer.

7 February 2016