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Uniteee: 7 days with Ubuntu Unity on a 7” screen

If you’re not already aware of Ubuntu 10.10’s new netbook interface, called ‘Unity’, then I would sincerely ask you to point to the rock under which you have been living. The sexy, stylish and visually […]

17 September 2010
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Jupiter – Awesome Netbook Power/Config Applet

Jupiter is a hardware and power management applet for Linux and perfect for power-saving on netbooks and Laptops. Born from the bones of the popular EeeTray applet, Jupiter sees a shift in focus towards better […]

21 February 2010
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What Is The Best Netbook Operating System

Netbook’s are funny little machines. Powerful enough to be awesome mobile devices but underpowered and not suited to support most ‘Operating Systems’ fully. Windows Vista is an excellent example of an OS coupled with Netbook’s […]

14 December 2008