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It’s Elementary: Dan Rabbit Talks Early Days of eOS

I recently had an opportunity to sit and chat with Daniel 'DanRabbit' Foré about many things. In this first part of the interview, we discuss elementary, his role in it, recent and future prospects...

12 June 2012
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Dan Rabbit’s Ambiance-themed Marlin file browser mock-up

Dan Rabbit – creator of the phenomenally popular elementary gtk and icon themes and designer of related elementary projects – has shown off an Ambiance styled mock-up of his ‘Marlin’ file browser. Seeing Dan’s ideas […]

22 October 2010
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Dan Rabbit débuts ‘Noise Media Player’ Mock-up – world wants

Y’know how the Elementary team are toying with Rhythmbox right now? Well it might just end up looking like the slick puppy below… Elementary’s designer Dan Rabbit has moulded a ‘collection of ideas for a […]

28 September 2010
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Dan Rabbit teases Elementary icons 2.5

I think Dan’s new teaser banner for version 2.5 of his popular Elementary icon set (of which the default Ubuntu Humanity icons are derived/based) tells a whole lot more than some textual padding from me… […]

9 September 2010
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Dan Rabbit’s File browser idea gets revisited, retitled

The mystical and wonderful design prodigy of slurring Californian descent is back in action with this new-fangled design that tries to be a perfect file browser. Interested? Surely you must be after that hand-crafted sentence containing an abundance of adjectives. Hit up the break to see what's new with DanRabbit's "Marlin."

4 September 2010
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Postler: Elementary’s new mail client

Most desktop e-mail clients share the same interface layout and feature set making them great for people with lots to manage but not so great for just using e-mail as e-mail. About a week back we interviewed Elementary project lead and Ubuntu designer Dan Rabbit. We spoke/probed him about a few things - the full interview of which is going up shortly - but we were finally given sanction to talk about an exciting new addition to the roster of Elementary inspired applications:

6 July 2010
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Tyler on Ubuntu: Nautilus

Guest post by Tyler James With the release of Nautilus-Elementary 2.30 I’ve been thinking quite a bit about File Browsers. I did a comparisonof the 4 file browsers I see the most often, (Finder, Nautilus, […]

26 April 2010
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Help advertise your favourite applications

Design demi-god Dan Rabbit is working on a new project ” and needs your help! He states: “I’m working on a project that I think everyone will enjoy, and there’s something I need to make […]

24 April 2010
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Meet Dash – DanRabbit’s awesome new project: an entirely new file browser!

Sick and tired of seeing awesome Nautilus mock-ups that you know won’t ever get made? Well so was one of the best designers FOSS has (and perennial OMG! fave) DanRabbit. So much so that instead […]

30 March 2010