Design demi-god Dan Rabbit is working on a new project ” and needs your help!

He states: “I’m working on a project that I think everyone will enjoy, and there’s something I need to make it really awesome. I need some nice big web banners for your favourite Linux apps.”

To help stoke your creative embers he’s published some examples: –


Users wishing to join in the design do should use the following provided template. [link here]


Try to stick as closely as you can to your chosen applications’ branding (such as text, colours, etc). If you’re unsure of an applications’ branding check out its wiki page or website ” you’ll often find lots of pointers there.

When you’re done…

Post them with a non-expire able link below in the comment section ( are a great tool to use) alternatively e-mail them to the man himself @ Daniel [dot] p [dot] fore [at] gmail ]dot] com