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Rhythmbox Cover Art Browser Plugin 2.0 Hits Beta

Fans of the Rhythmbox CoverArt Browser plugin will find plenty of new features in its latest beta, which is now available for testing.

30 June 2014

Browsing Music By Album Art in Linux Media Apps

I prefer using music players on Linux that let me browse my music by album art. Why? And what apps let me do it? In this post I explain.

2 October 2013

[How To] Add a CoverArt Browser to Rhythmbox

Looking for a visually slick way to browse your music collection in Rhythmbox? The following CoverArt Browser plugin might be just what you're after...

19 November 2012
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OMG! 5! – Five CoverGloobus – the awesome desktop cover art app – themes

If you're sat looking a bit bamboozled by the name 'CoverGloobus' then where have you been?! The desktop Cover Art, controller n' Lyrics app is an application with no equal on Linux and no self-respecting eye candy lover should be with out it. Today's daily 5 looks over a handful of extra themes you can add to the art-rocking desktop display app...

20 July 2010
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Rhythmbox Cover Art Browser

Ever wanted to browse your music collection via cover art in Rhythmbox? Say hello to the ‘Art Display Browser’ plug-in by Manuw2009. not my theme; yes that it rhythmbox Features Once installed the cover-art mode […]

12 February 2010
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Clutter-Flow Is A CoverFlow Plugin For Banshee

Clutter-Flow brings a CoverFlow interface to Banshee – allowing you to browse through your music in style. Any Good? The extension uses the Clutter toolkit to provide the graphical interface and despite it currently being […]

7 January 2010
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CoverGloobus Gets Docky Sync, New Features

Talk about timing! Only a day or so back we crowned CoverGloobus one of our favourite applications of 2009 and today some exciting updates were announced! Aside from GloobusPreview’s sexy new look CoverGloobus got some […]

21 December 2009
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12 Days of Xmas: Day Three – CoverGloobus

Day Three of our countdown of 2009’s top applicationss leads us to an application from the same stable as yesterdays’ Gloobus Preview. Yep! Today we’re throwing tinsel and baubles over its sister application CoverGloobus! CoverGloobus […]

17 December 2009
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CoverGloobus 1.5 Released – Gets Theme Preview, Auto-restart, Exaile Support & More

CoverGloobus version 1.5 has been released bringing with it new themes, usability improvements and more. CoverGloobus is a theme-able standalone ‘”now playing” application that displays the currently playing track on your desktop. I’ve blogged and […]

22 October 2009
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7 NowPlaying/CoverGloobus Themes

NowPlaying and CoverGloobus are two methods for displaying currently playing track details, controls and artwork on your desktop. Screen What? NowPlaying is a screenlet and requires the Screenlets framework to work. You can install screenlets […]

16 September 2009
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Cover Art & Lyrics Widget for your desktop

Display album art (and lyrics!) for your playing tracks right on your desktop with CoverGloobus.

25 April 2009