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Gkill is an Interactive CLI Process Killer Written in Go

If you're looking for an interactive CLI process killer for Windows, macOS or Linux take a look at Gkill, an open-source beauty written in Go.

3 April 2017

Code Like Its The 80s With This Vintage Retro Terminal

This cool retro terminal emulator lets you code like it's the 1980s. It has a variety of vintage effects and layouts. Better yet, it's open-source.

17 November 2016

Get Exact Boot and Uptime on Ubuntu from the Command Line

Want to know exactly when you last booted your Ubuntu machine, or how long it’s been since you last did? Probably not —but I’m going to show you how anyway. Detailed boot information can be useful when […]

10 November 2016
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Using Twitter from the Command Line is a Lot of Fun

The command line remains so incredibly popular because it’s so incredibly versatile. You can do a lot in a terminal. You can manage your OS, apps and files; you can connect to remote servers, watch […]

25 October 2016
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Quickly Compress Jpeg Images on Linux from the Terminal

Let's say you need to compress and optimize a JPEG image on Linux. How do you do it?

17 March 2016

Feednix is a Command Line RSS Reader for Feedly

Most of us appreciate that the command line is a versatile, powerful tool, but few are aware that it can be used to do more than just run a package, development and system-orientated tasks.

23 June 2014

The Geeky Way To Get Weather Forecasts on Linux

Today we highlight a weather tool that even the most dour-faced of weather app detractors may actually like: command-line weather forecasts.

5 February 2014
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CLI Companion tool adds big changes, new release candidate

Command-line helper tool CLI Companion is hurtling towards a new release - one that brings with it several important changes. More information, links and download info inside.

2 December 2010
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Use command aliases for lazy terminal installing, purging & searching

This neat little tip was dropped off in our inbox by a reader called Darren – so thanks goes to him. Become a lazy geek “Fed up with typing ‘sudo apt-get install blahblah’, ‘apt-cache search […]

8 September 2010
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CLICompanion makes getting comfortable with the command line a cinch

Scared, intimidated or just out-right confused by the command line interface? You neededn’t be with CliCompanion. Whilst the command line is a powerful, and impressive tool most users don’t need to go near it thanks […]

19 August 2010
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Online Mencoder Command Generator makes command line DVD conversion a cinch

Rip DVD’s the easy way in Ubuntu – without the need to install any extra applications – using web-based SimpleRip. SimpleRip is an online JavaScript-based command generator for Mencoder.  It allows you to generate the […]

21 June 2010