Scared, intimidated or just out-right confused by the command line interface? You neededn’t be with CliCompanion.

Whilst the command line is a powerful, and impressive tool most users don’t need to go near it thanks to so many wonderful GUI applications that take care of the dirty work via buttons, boxes n’ automagic. Nevertheless there are instances where using the terminal will save you plenty of time and plenty of headache tablets so being prepared is never a bad thing.

CLICompanion makes getting comfortable with the command line a cinch. The app, when open, displays 3 columns: –

  • The command
  • Whether the command needs information/flags/additional user input
  • Command description so that you know what it is you’re running and why
Below this is a working, usable terminal so be careful! 
CLICompanion is not just for beginners either. Experienced terminal-hounds users can use the ‘add command’ feature to build a command dictionary of more advanced commands for later use. 
Thanks to naesk
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