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Want to Customise the GNOME Shell Clock? Here’s How

We look at various ways to customise the GNOME Shell clock. From showing the date through to creating a 'stacked' layout split across two lines.

11 December 2021

Gluqlo is a Flip Clock Screensaver for Linux

Looking for a nifty screensaver for Ubuntu? Check out Gluqlo, a Linux version of the popular Fliqlo screensaver for Windows and OS X. Ubuntu no longer bundles a screensavers with the default build. Instead, when you leave your […]

28 November 2016
go for it to do list app

Go For It! Is a Simple To-Do App for Linux with Built In Timer

Go For It! — it sounds like the name of an overly enthusiastic mobile workout app that you download with good intentions only to never actually use it. But thankfully (for our collective laziness) it’s not. Go For It! is, instead, […]

14 November 2016
Tea Timer applet in use in Ubuntu 11.10

Tea Time is a Simple Timer App for Ubuntu Desktops

On the hunt for a simple timer app for Ubuntu? Look no further than this cute little tool, called Tea Time. Whether you’ve a pizza in the oven, want to set aside a specific study period, or […]

11 November 2016
computer clock lifehacker

Make Ubuntu Speak The Time On The Hour, Every Hour

Talking Clock is a simple bash script that makes Ubuntu tell you the time out-loud on the hour or at a custom interval.

23 September 2016

Conky Clock Widget That Shows the Current Time In Words

Want to add a cool word clock to your Linux desktop? You can with this ace Conky theme — and we'll walk you through how to install it.

13 February 2016

UpClock Is an Ubuntu Touch Inspired Clock Widget for Ubuntu Desktop

Add some bling to your desktop with UpClock – a desktop clock widget inspired by the Ubuntu Touch welcome screen.

9 February 2014

‘Clock’ Is a Slick Desktop Time App for Ubuntu

Finding out the time in Ubuntu isn't exactly difficult: it's displayed on the top panel at all times. But new HTML5-based time-telling app 'Clock' thinks there's still room for a chatoyant chronometer on your linux desktop. If you're thinking "What's the point?" at this juncture I'd urge you to check your phone. Are you one of the hundreds-of-thousands of users who place a giant ticking timepiece on their homescreen, despite the time being discreetly displayed at all times in the Android status bar? Now that you're willing to give Clock a fair hearing we'll continue...

26 December 2012

[How To] Add Other Timezones to Ubuntu’s Clock Applet

The easiest way to keep an eye on different timezones is to add them to Ubuntu's time and date applet. By the end of this post you will know how to add, edit and remove timezones on the Date & Time menu in Ubuntu 12.04 and 12.10.

14 October 2012

Get Stuff Down With Pomodoro Indicator Timer for Ubuntu

Indicator-Pomodoro is a small tray-based timer tool designed specifically for use with Pomodoro technique.

7 September 2011

‘Orb Clock’ — A Stylish Time Screenlet For Linux Desktops

Screenlets fans looking for well-designed eye-candy to place on their desktops should check out the following all-in-one clock Screenlet by Mickeyz.

19 April 2011

‘Flip style’ theme for Screenlets clock widget

It feels like an age since I last wrote about anything related to Screenlets - the desktop 'widget' framework for Linux. As consolation for Screenlet fans here's a cracking 'flip clock' style theme for the default clock screenlet.

17 December 2010