Finding out the time in Ubuntu isn’t exactly difficult: it’s displayed on the top panel at all times.

But new HTML5-based time-telling app ‘Clock‘ thinks there’s still room for a chatoyant chronometer on your linux desktop.

If you’re thinking “What’s the point?” at this juncture I’d urge you to check your phone.

Are you one of the hundreds-of-thousands of users who place a giant ticking timepiece on their homescreen, despite the time being discreetly displayed at all times in the Android status bar?

Now that you’re willing to give Clock a fair hearing we’ll continue…


Much like the real life variety Clock has one primary purpose: to tell you the time.

For this the app and its developer, Micheal Harker, get full marks because it automatically detected my timezone and showed me the correct time.

Conversely, I also felt it was lacking; some form of timer or alarm would have been a worthwhile addition.

But since this is a first release it’s better the basics are done well.

Look & Options

Like the weather app Stormcloud, Clock lets you change the colour of the background.

Sadly ‘Ubuntu Ambience’ isn’t included within the colour options on offer, nor is a ‘chameleonic’ feature like that just added to the desktop weather app Stormcloud.

Preferences in ‘Clock’ – A New Ubuntu App

Three different clock stlyes can be chosen from: digital, polar, and analogue. 

24 Hour Time and a ‘seconds‘ hand can also be enabled from the Settings area. The former of these is less well though out: it merely adds an ‘AM’ or ‘PM’ suffix to the right-hand side of the clock.

Download ‘Clock’ App for Ubuntu

Clock is free to download and install, built using HTML5 and WebKit.  For more information, or to download it, hit the button below.


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