Users of Google Chrome will soon no longer have to worry about installing and maintaining the Adobe Flash plug-in themselves. Google have taken the step of integrating the plugin directly into their browser, sidestepping the need for user intervention and ensuring all users are running the latest patched and security assured version.

A bold step and one designed primarily to ensure the continued safety of net users, some of whom retain using deprecated versions of flash with known security issues.

It is also a blatant move designed to ensure a flawless user experience on their forthcoming Google ChromeOS,

Enable internal flash in Google Chrome

Users of Google Chrome dev channel in x32bit Ubuntu can enable the ‘built in flash’ right now by adding the following flag to their Chrome shortcut/command:


Sadly there is no support for x64 bit users as of yet. As usual.

(Note: Whilst there is a 64bit Flash plugin available Google have NOT included it for x64 bit users)

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