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Microsoft, Canonical Bring Ubuntu to Windows Azure

Microsoft is to offer the ability to easily install and run Ubuntu and other Linux OSes on its Windows Azure cloud computing platform. The move will help Microsoft gain leverage against other cloud service rivals, such as Amazon who already allow for the easy deployment of Linux and Windows.

7 June 2012
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Canonical’s Computex Booth is a Thing of Beauty

Canonical are over in Taipei this week for the annual Computex technology convention. And so far it sounds like they're doing great.

6 June 2012

Canonical To Demo Ubuntu TV at Computex 2012

Computex is the largest and, arguably, the most exciting technology event in the gadget calendar. But Ubuntu users have an extra reason to be excited about this years show: it marks the first time that Canonical have attended as an exhibitor.

5 June 2012
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Kubuntu Likely To Retain Name Despite New Sponsor

Kubuntu is likely to retain its name, the lead developer Jonathan Riddell has said at UDS. It had been rumoured that legal issues with ownership of the trademark would force Kubuntu and its new financial […]

8 May 2012
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Ubuntu To Ship on 5% of All PCs Sold Next Year

Ubuntu is on course to ship on 5% of the worlds PCs next year, Canonical's Chris Kenton has revealed. Between 8 and 10 million Ubuntu units shipped 'last year' - a figure is expected to double to 18 million during 'next year'. Which equates to some 5% of the world-wide PC market.

8 May 2012

Kubuntu: they have invested millions in it

As the Kubuntu Community prepares for changes that come along with their new sponsorship from Blue Systems there is also an active dialogue between Blue Systems and Canonical to go over potential Trademark issues that […]

19 April 2012
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Ubuntu’s uTouch Tech Brings Smooth Scrolling to Chromium

Little has been heard of Ubuntu's multi-touch framework 'uTouch' of late - but it seems for good reason. The uTouch team have today demoed 'pixel perfect scrolling' in the open-source web-browser Chromium in Ubuntu, a feat made possible by taking advantage of Ubuntu's touch-friendly technology stack. The effort is part of the teams goal of 'adding multitouch and gesture support to major browsers on the Linux desktop.'

26 March 2012
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‘Ubuntu Business Remix’ Launched by Canonical

There's a new Ubuntu spin in town - but this one isn't for your average Joe. Ubuntu Business Desktop Remix is aimed 'corporate and government institutions evaluating Ubuntu as a desktop solution'.

10 February 2012
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Canonical Drop Funding for Kubuntu

Canonical will no longer provide financial support to the lead developer of Kubuntu after the April release of Kubuntu 12.04.

7 February 2012
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‘We’re Going to Be Building Awesome Things’ – Canonical’s Will Cooke

Ubuntu TV captured the attention and imaginations of the technology press after its reveal at CES 2012. And rightly so. The demo of Ubuntu TV shown off at the event proved that not only are […]

6 February 2012
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Canonical Reverse Java Uninstall Decision

Canonical have reversed their decision to remove Java from Ubuntu users' machines. Oracle, the owners of Sun Java, retired the 'distributor license' that allows operating system vendors to provide the package to users in August of last year. This change in terms forced Ubuntu's security board to announce that it would be removing Sun JDK package from its 'Partner' repository, and 'upgrading' the official Java release on Ubuntu 10.04, 10.10 and 11.04 with an 'empty' package, thus disabling it. as a 'security measure'.

19 January 2012
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Ubuntu Tablet to Compete with Android, iOS

An Ubuntu tablet will ‘battle’ against Android and iOS Canonical’s CEO Jane Silber has said. And although Ubuntu isn’t running on tablets yet she told Techworld‘s Paul Krill that ‘announcements in that area‘ are to be made later […]

11 January 2012