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Support Period for ‘Regular’ Ubuntu Releases Halved

Non-LTS releases of Ubuntu will see their support periods halved from Ubuntu 13.04 onwards.

20 March 2013

The Official Ubuntu Tablet Videos

Want to see more of the Ubuntu Tablet interface in action? Canonical have got you covered with this pair of slick promo spots...

19 February 2013
OMG! Ubuntu! On Air!

Ubuntu Product Launch OMG! Google+ Hangout

Join Benjamin Kerensa, Bilal Akhtar and José Antonio Rey with guest Jono Bacon to discuss the exciting Ubuntu product announcement today. We invite OMG! readers and Ubuntu users to join us and share their thoughts […]

2 January 2013

All-New Ubuntu Product to Launch Jan 2nd – But What Is It?

A new Ubuntu product will be unveiled by Canonical on Wednesday, January 2nd. Details are scant on the ground at present at present. So far the only known 'fact' is that which is written on the press release: it's an event to 'launch an all new Ubuntu product'.

31 December 2012
Ubuntu 12.04 Apps

Canonical Hunting for New ‘Head of Apps Design’

A new job listing from Canonical once again reinforces the 'design first' philosophy shaping the Ubuntu experience. In a newly posted role for a 'Head of Apps Design', Canonical are seeking a capable designer capable of 'delivering high-quality, value-adding, and unique apps for the Ubuntu platform' that '...address key user needs and serve as a vehicle to demonstrate Ubuntu's values.' Exciting stuff.

6 December 2012

Canonical Shop Offering 3 Ubuntu Xmas Gift Deals

If your ear has fallen within the radius of a supermarket or shopping mall's sound system anytime since October then you'll know that the festive feel-good season of Christmas is all but upon us. So if you're stuck for a gift to get an Ubuntu-user in your member, or if someone's stuck on what to get you, cast an eye over the following deals on offer from Canonical...

4 December 2012

Ubuntu PC Sales Skyrocket in 2011

Canonical's VP of Sales and Business Development, Chris Kenyon, shared some interesting stats on Ubuntu's uptake in the world during the recent Ubuntu Developer Summit.

2 November 2012

Blogger Claims Ubuntu’s New Shopping Lens Breaks EU Law

Is an EU law on data protection being broken in Ubuntu 12.10? That's the charge being put forward by blogger Luís de Sousa, who has spent the best part of 10 years working with state institutions where, he says, 'issues with private data are recurrent.' Sousa claims to have found several articles of an 1995 EU Directive on the protection of users personal data that Ubuntu's controversial new 'Shopping Lens' conflicts with

10 October 2012
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Ubuntu Website Adds New ‘Donations’ Page

Canonical have today launched a new 'contributions' page through which users can donate money to the Ubuntu project. Canonical say that the initiative will help people '..choose to financially support different aspects of Canonical's work, from gaming and app, desktop, phone and tablet, to co-ordination of upstreams or supporting Ubuntu flavours."

9 October 2012

Ubuntu Loses Marketing Guru to Firefox OS

Ubuntu's Global Marketing guru John Bernard has left Canonical to join Mozilla.

25 September 2012

Ubuntu Adoption Grew 160% in India Last Year

Adoption of Ubuntu grew by a staggering 160% in India over the last year, according to Canonical CEO Jane Silber. The statistic, Silber says, is based on data Canonical are privy to, such as security updates, downloads and the number of pre-loaded devices sold.

28 June 2012
Windows 8 Share Bar

Canonical Clarify Ubuntu SecureBoot Plans

Ever since the Windows 8 SecureBoot dilemma reared its the big question has been: "Can I still use Ubuntu?" . Canonical have today responded with plans on how they intend to approach the SecureBoot situation to ensure that Ubuntu 'works smoothly' for users of SecureBoot devices.

22 June 2012