The recent FOSDEM conference in Belgium played host to a wide range of talks and presentations on Linux, touching on every possible intersection and overpass of its ecosystem.

Among them a series of short, sharp, 15-minute long “lightening talks”. And pitched up to promote ‘Snappy‘ to the FOSDEM faithful was Canonical’s chief ‘Snapvocate’ Alan Pope.

Putting his 15 mins of fame, to good use Alan, or ‘Popey’ as he’s better known, reels off a compelling set of reasons why app developers may want to Snap their app up and make it available to the world via the snazzy Snap store.

And that talk is, through the power of 1s and 0s, available to relive and rewatch on YouTube. It’s like time travel.

‘Good Will Snapping’ (Who’s He?)

Snaps, or ‘Snapplications‘ as I long for people to call them, need little introduction themselves. These versatile, distro-agnostic app bundles come furnished with all sort of bells and whistles, including transactional updates, auto-updates, roll back, security, permissions, and so on.

And developers are, clearly, taking advantage. There are several hundred apps available in the Snap store, including big-name software like Spotify, Skype and LibreOffice.

And games; we recently took a look at the very best Linux games available as Snap apps.

But if you’re a dev yet to dip your toes in the uber cool Snappy pool, grab yourself a coffee and a biccie and check out Alan’s presentation below…

Interested to learn more? If so, you’ll find a wealth more information on Snaps, including a helpful ‘first snap’ guide, on the Snapcraft website.

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