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Happy Birthday, Ubuntu – The World’s Most Popular Linux Distro Turns 9 Years Old

At 11.06 AM on this very day back in 2004, Mark Shuttleworth took the Ubuntu mailing list to announce the inaugural release of Ubuntu 4.10.

20 October 2013

Dell To Expand Ubuntu Retail Presence in China

Dell are to more than double the number of its Chinese retail stores stocking Ubuntu-loaded laptops, Canonical has announced.

5 September 2013

Ubuntu Edge Crowdfunding Passes $8 Million Mark

Over $8 million has now be raised towards the development and production of Canonical's innovative 'Ubuntu Edge' super-phone.

2 August 2013
jane silber on cnbc

Canonical CEO Jane Silber Discusses Ubuntu Edge Campaign on CNBC (Video)

Canonical CEO Jane Silber appeared on American news-station CNBC to discuss the crowd-funding campaign for Ubuntu Edge.

25 July 2013

Will UK Backers of Ubuntu Edge Need to Pay 20% Extra?

Will UK backers "pre-buying" an Ubuntu Edge handset on IndieGoGo for $830 be required to pay an additional $166 before they can receive their device?

23 July 2013

Canonical Launch $32 Million Ubuntu Phone Crowdfunding Campaign

Canonical are hoping to kickstart the super-phone race with an audacious $32 million crowd-funding campaign.

22 July 2013

Ubuntu Website Teases ‘Critical Point At Which Something Begins…’

It disappeared for the weekend but, as of this morning, the Ubuntu website is once against trailing something mysterious…

22 July 2013

Ubuntu Forums Hacked, 1.8 Million Passwords, E-Mails & Usernames Stolen

The Ubuntu Forums have been hacked, with attackers grabbing data from more than 1.8 million users accounts.

21 July 2013

4 Day Countdown Appears on Ubuntu Website

A minimal countdown has appeared on the official Ubuntu homepage - but what's it for? What is it counting down to? We play speculation inside.

18 July 2013

Africa’s MTN Group Joins Ubuntu Touch CAG

African telecom 'giant' MTN Group is the latest network to join Canonical's 'Carrier Advisory Group' for Ubuntu Touch.

16 July 2013

US Mobile Network Joins Ubuntu Touch Advisory Group

Three international mobile networks, including one from the US, have joined the Ubuntu Touch 'Carrier Advisory Group'.

30 June 2013
carrier logos

8 Major Mobile Carriers Join Ubuntu Touch Advisory Group

Several high-profile telecom carriers have signalled their interest in supporting Ubuntu Touch - Canonical's mobile platform.

18 June 2013