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ProtonMail Launch a Privacy-Focused Alternative to Google Calendar

Proton Calendar is a private calendaring solution from the makers of ProtonMail that uses end-to-end encryption of all events, titles and dates created.

2 January 2020

Recurring Events Coming to GNOME Calendar

The GNOME Calendar app is to gain support for recurring calendar events in GNOME 3.26. Developer Yash Singh is working to add the relevant code necessary to support recurring events as part of the Google […]

26 June 2017

GNOME Calendar Pencils In Great New Features

GNOME Calendar is one of the few decent desktop calendaring apps available on Linux — and it's going to get better.

29 September 2016

Well That Only Took Forever: Ubuntu Phone To Finally Add iCal, CalDav Support

It’s been at the top of many an early Ubuntu Phone users’ wishlist — and now it’s finally happening. Yes, the native Ubuntu calendar app is to add support for the leading open standards for exchanging […]

2 August 2016

GNOME Calendar Makes Rescheduling Events Easier

You will finally be able to drag and drop events in GNOME Calendar in its next major release, the app's maintainer Georges Stavracas says.

26 May 2016

Linux Calendar App California 0.2 Released

Following on from last month's update to Geary and Shotwell, Yorba is back with a new release of their California calendaring application.

1 October 2014

How To Install ‘California’ Calendar App in Ubuntu 14.04

Want to install Yorba's new calendar app 'California' on Ubuntu? You can; the non-profit has added builds for Ubuntu 14.04 to its daily PPA.

18 May 2014

Yorba Working on New Calendar App for Linux — It’s About Time Someone Did

Windows, Mac, iOS, Android... All of them come pre-loaded with a calendar application right out the box. But Ubuntu? No, Ubuntu doesn't.

22 April 2014
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Timezone Sorting Added to Ubuntu 12.10 Clock Applet

A recent update to Ubuntu 12.10 has brought subtle improvements to the default "date and time" applet. The Indicator Datetime menu has supported the listing of "other locations" for several releases, but it's only with this update in Ubuntu 12.10 that an options to choose how they are sorted has been available.

15 July 2012