gnome calendar logoRescheduling events in GNOME Calendar will be simplified in the next major release of the app, maintainer Georges Stavracas says. 

Drag and drop support has been added to the productivity app. It works across both month and year views to make it easier to reschedule appointments that have been added previously.

Current stable builds of GNOME Calendar require a user to manually edit an event should they wish to change the date.

This is done by double-clicking on the event strip entry in the month view and adjusting the day, month and time from the calendar picker widget pop-over.

In GNOME Calendar 3.22, which is scheduled for release later this year, this process is simplified: users can click on an existing event to ‘pick it up’, drag it over a new date, and drop it to apply it to apply.

The following video shows the new drag and drop behaviour in action:

Other changes planned for GNOME Calendar 3.22 include a new ‘week’ view, agenda view, a new event editor dialog and support for handling calendar files (e.g., iCal, .ics).

Support for adding event attachments, scheduling events across multiple timezones and natural language parsing are also pencilled in on the roadmap for an as-yet unknown future version.

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