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24 Linux Games for a $1, Courtesy of Bundle Stars

Fancy giving your Steam library a big ol' boost? Well, if you have a dollar to spare, you can thanks to Bundle Stars and the Dollar Forever Bundle.

25 April 2017

Dominator Bundle Includes Rocket League, Starts from $1

f you’re the only Linux gamer to not own the super rad Rocket League, here’s your chance as it's included in the latest Bundle Stars offer.

22 March 2017

Bundle Stars Winter Sale Offers Big Discounts on Top Linux Games

It’s December, which means the Steam Holiday sale is now only a few days away. But y’know what? Forget about that! Thanks to Bundle Stars you can snag some seriously festive Steam deals on some […]

19 December 2016

10 Linux Games, One Low Price: Trinity Bundle Now Live

Bundle Stars has launched its latest limited-time game offer composed of 10 Steam games that all run on Linux for $2.49/£1.99.

16 February 2015

‘Abstract Bundle’ Offers 10 Great Indie Games for Linux for $2.49

As much as we all love the Humble Bundle it's not the only place you can pick up some top Tux-friendly gaming titles for next to nothing.

9 January 2015

Latest Bundle Stars’ Promo Adds Guacamelee!, Space Farmers for Linux

If Humble Bundle's latest pack has left you wanting check out rivals Bundle Stars, whose latest promo offers a set of Tux-friendly titles.

21 August 2014