If the latest Humble Bundle’s anaemic in Linux line-up left you wanting, check out the generous set of Tux-friendly action titles making up the latest cut-price bounty from rival set-up Bundle Stars.

Their new ‘Titanium Bundle’ is packed with ten top indie action games, five of which also run on Steam for Linux. For the one-off price of £3.59/$4.99 you can game on with the likes of 2-player co-op faves Guacamelee! Gold Edition and Space Farmers, and hone your platformer skills in Kill Fun Yeah. 

The five Linux titles in the Titanium promo are are follows:

  • Guacamelee! Gold Edition
  • Space Farmers
  • Kill Fun Yeah
  • Puddle
  • Spy Chameleon – RGB Agent

Space Farmers in particular looks a right royal hoot and comes with two keys so that you can give a copy to a mate!

The rest of the bundle, listed below, is only available to play on Windows at present:

  • Murder Miners
  • Terrorhedron
  • Project Root
  • Super Lemonade Factory
  • Wooden Sen’SeY (also available for Mac)

Multiplayer fun

To get the games just chuck £3.59 (or $4.99 US) in the direction of Bundle Stars via PayPal, Google Wallet or any other supported payment service. In return you’ll get a redeemable Steam key for each game (and in the case of Space Farmers, two).

For more details on the bundle, the company behind it, the games include and — much needed breath — to buy it,  just mosey on over to the official website which we’ve hidden behind the button below.

Bundle Stars Titanium Bundle for Steam