Fancy giving your Steam library a big ol’ boost? Well, if you have a dollar to spare, you can.

26 Steam games — 24 of which support Linux — are being offered in the Bundle Stars Dollar Forever Bundle.

Yup, you can bag 26 official Steam keys for the teeny tiny price tag of $1 USD (£0.95/€1.09).

“Whether you become a scary monster with an appetite for archaeologists, enjoy life as a dude surfing the waves, or play as podgy pussycat Dr. Meow, there’s addictive fun for everyone,” Bundle Stars say of their offer.

Now, there’s not a lot you can buy for $1. Maybe a cheap tee at Walmart? 1/3 of a latte at Starbucks? A single music track?

Alternatively, you could waste it on 26 casual games that may — no promises — help you pass a bit of time while waiting for a download to finish, your pizza to cook, etc.

Now, don’t get too excited. None of the games included in this bundle are what you’d call big-hitters (at least, not to my knowledge). There are a few titles you might have heard of, like Timberman, and, er, umm… The rest straddle the line between time waster and waste of time.

Hit the link below to take a looksie further. If there’s a game in the offer you particularly recommended do give it a shout out in the comments.

Bundle Stars: Dollar Forever Bundle

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