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qupzilla browser

QupZilla Web Browser Is Changing Its Name

The QupZilla web browser is hunting for a new name. Development is to move under the KDE project umbrella and it may replace Konquerer.

14 August 2017
qupzilla browser

QupZilla, the Qt Web Browser, Finally Adds a Session Manager

Qupzilla, the Qt-based cross-platform web browser, now has a session manager. A bug requesting this feature was first opened in 2013.

21 July 2017
min web browser

Electron-based Min Web Browser Sees First Update This Year

A new version of the Electron-based Min web-browser is now available to download. Not heard of min? Min is a desktop web-browser offering a unique, minimal UI that keeps out of the way. It has […]

4 July 2017
vivaldi 1.8 history stats

Vivaldi 1.8 Debuts With Insanely Cool Browsing Stats Feature

Vivaldi 1.8 is super-charges the browser history, helping to give you an unparalleled amount of insight in to your online activities.

29 March 2017

Minimalist Web Browser ‘Min’ Sees New Release

The Min browser project has picked up a new update. Version 1.4 of the open-source, cross-platform web browser adds browser actions and full-text search.

24 July 2016

Min Is a Minimal, Open-Source Web Browser for Linux

Min is a new open-source web browser for Windows, Mac and Linux. It is lightweight, with a minimal design and integrated DuckDuckGo features.

27 May 2016

How to Change Default Web Browser and Email Client in Ubuntu

In this entry to our Ubuntu Basics series we cover changing the default apps that handle web and e-mail links.

21 April 2015

Mozilla to Launch Brand New Developer Web Browser Next Week

When you woke up this morning you probably didn't expect to see the words 'New' 'Mozilla' and 'Web Browser' writ large online.

3 November 2014

Russia’s ‘Yandex Browser’ Launches First Linux Beta, Is No Chrome Clone

You don't need to be Russian to have heard of Yandex, the country's leading search engine, but you will need to speak the language to use its branded web browser, which has just launched in beta on Linux.

31 October 2014

Per-Tab Processing Arrives in GNOME’s Native Web Browser

It may not be as fast, featured or famous as the big-name browsers but GNOME's 'Web' is quietly emerging from the sidelines as a competent, compelling alternative.

9 February 2014
qupzilla speed=-dial background

Qt Web Browser ‘QupZilla’ Refines Features in Latest Release

QupZilla, the nimble Qt-based web-browser, has been updated with a bunch of minor feature enhancements and bug fixes.

27 January 2014

Maxthon Web Browser For Linux Hits Alpha

Just a couple of months after announcing it was heading to Linux, the popular freeware web-rbwoser 'Maxthon' is now in alpha testing.

17 November 2013