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Ubuntu 17.10 Makes It Easier to Use Bluetooth Speakers

Ubuntu will automatically switch sound output to Bluetooth when you connect a Bluetooth speaker or headset in Ubuntu 17.10, as this video demonstrates.

14 July 2017
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A KDE Connect Bluetooth Backend Is In Development

A KDE Connect Bluetooth backend is now in development, meaning you can soon pair your Android phone with your Ubuntu PC without the use of wifi.

11 June 2017

How To Lock/Unlock GNOME Desktop Using a Smartphone

You can unlock your Linux desktop just by having your phone nearby using BlueProximity, a Bluetooth proximity app. We show you how to install it.

12 August 2016
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Meet Blueberry, Linux Mint’s New Bluetooth Setup Tool

What do you do when the default Bluetooth confirmation utility is less than ideal for your users? Why you dive in and improve it! This is Linux after all!

16 March 2015
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Apple’s multi-touch Magic Trackpad tested in Ubuntu 10.10

I got my hands on Apple's new cool peripheral that everyone is talking about, the Magic Trackpad. When it was first released, a lot of people said that this was the beginning of the end of the humble and trusty mouse. I'm not entirely convinced that the magic trackpad spells the end, but this idea of bringing laptop multitouch to the desktop is certainly is an interesting concept...

22 September 2010
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Help ubuntu: 3 questions on Bluetooth

MPT from Canonical’s design team e-mailed us earlier asking if we could post the following questions regarding Bluetooth in Ubuntu to get your feedback. Given the design team totally surpassed even already-high expectations in creating […]

8 April 2010