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ASUS Revive The Netbook With Sub-$300 Model, Offer Ubuntu Option

If it looks like a netbook, feels like a netbook then it probably is a netbook right? ASUS don't think so.

22 April 2013

Ubuntu PC Sales Skyrocket in 2011

Canonical's VP of Sales and Business Development, Chris Kenyon, shared some interesting stats on Ubuntu's uptake in the world during the recent Ubuntu Developer Summit.

2 November 2012
Q200e or is that X201e

ASUS Announce 2 New Windows 8 Laptops, Both Available With Ubuntu

With Windows 8 now mere weeks away from launch, hardware manufacturers have been clamouring over each other to announce their latest devices geared towards running it. But what's that got to do with Ubuntu? Let's just say that if every cloud has a silver lining, then every new Windows' must come with an orange glow...

15 October 2012
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There’s No Shortage of ASUS Ubuntu Netbooks in Italy…

Like many UK readers, I was disappointed to hear that ASUS have no plans to bring their Ubuntu-toting EeePC netbooks to the UK. But the UK is just one territory; for anyone living in Italy the news is slightly rosier. ASUS have a selection of Ubuntu-powered netbooks readily available at retail. Notebook Italia have posted a thorough run down of what can be found, where it can be bought, and for how much. But for those not fluent in the ol' Italian language, here's a handful of picks - excluding the recently announced EeePC 1225c - to turn you green with envy...

11 July 2012
asus eeepc 1225c

ASUS: ‘No Plans’ To Release Ubuntu Netbook in the UK

The new Ubuntu 12.04 netbook from ASUS will not be released in the UK. An ASUS representative, responding to an enquiry from an OMG! Ubuntu! reader, confirmed that the company 'do not have any plans to release the 1225C in the UK.'

5 July 2012
asus eeepc 1225c

ASUS Quietly Launch New Ubuntu 12.04 Netbook

A new Ubuntu-powered ASUS Netbook has quietly crept into the wild. But the OS isn't the only notable thing about the new EeePC 1225C; it is one of only a handful of devices on the market to use the third generation of Intel's Atom Processor, codenamed 'Cedar Trail'.

26 June 2012
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Portuguese Store Worten Reveal Promo Ad for New Ubuntu Netbook

A video advert for Ubuntu has been added to the YouTube channel of Portugal's most well known electronics retailer Worten. Click on inside to view the advert and learn more about the device it promotes...

28 November 2011
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ASUS Ubuntu Netbooks Launch in 100 Portuguese Stores

Ubuntu-loaded ASUS netbooks are now available to buy in over 100 stores across Portugal. The ASUS EeePC 1215P, which boasts 9 hours of battery life, a dual-core 1.55Ghz Intel Atom processor and 12.2″ backlit screen, […]

18 November 2011

[How to] Access Files On the ASUS Transformer Tf101 in Ubuntu

Despite having had my ASUS Transformer – the company’s hugely successful Android tablet – for almost a week it’s only today that I got around to seeing how it fared when hooked up to Ubuntu. […]

5 August 2011

ASUS announce 3 new Ubuntu EeePC’s with Flash, codecs pre-installed

Ubuntu 10.10 will be pre-installed on three new netbook models by PC manufacturer ASUS, it has been announced.

3 June 2011
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ASUS’ kinect competitor ‘Xtion PRO’ Supports development on Ubuntu

Microsoft's Kinect motion controller lit up the eyes of many Linux developers when it hit the shelves late last year - so much so that geeks everywhere were soon out hacking the hardware to run on Linux.

17 April 2011