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This GNOME-Shell ‘Ubuntu Ambiance’ theme is pretty sublime

Deviantart-ist ~half-left continues to churn out high-quality well designed GNOME-Shell themes at an alarmingly envious rate. And his latest creation - an Ubuntu Ambiance styled skin - shows no signs of his talent taking a break...

25 May 2011
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Add Ubuntu One style dark toolbars to all apps in Ubuntu

Want UbuntuOne Control Panel style 'dark toolbars' in all of your Ubuntu apps? Now you can using the following modified version of the default Ubuntu theme, installable via PPA.

20 May 2011
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Ambiance GTK3 port ‘Adwance’ gives GNOME 3 users some ubuntu flavour

Ubuntu 11.04 users who have opted for GNOME Shell over Unity as their desktop environment can benefit from a truly integrated Ambiance theme, thanks to DeviantArtist thedeviantmars.

10 May 2011
Nautilus Elementary After

Ubuntu One style Nautilus Elementary theme [Download]

It's no secret that I love the new look Ubuntu One Control Panel in Ubuntu 11.04: it's slick, integrated and raises the overall sheen of the Ambiance theme in Ubuntu. DeviantArtist simplygreat likes it too. So much that he's created a simple 'hack' for Nautilus-Elementary that brings the style of the Ubuntu One Control Panel to the popular file-browser Nautilus-Elementary. More info and download link inside.

6 May 2011
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Ubuntu Themes Go Borderless for Natty

We've expressed our own love of borderless GTK+ themes before so we're delighted to find Ubuntu 11.04's Light themes have followed suit, adopting zero-pixel window borders on windows.

11 March 2011
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Ambiance theme for Windows XP makes virtualization almost seamless

As a hostage of ancient hardware I'm forced to keep a copy of Windows XP close to hand. If there's one thing I hate more than the need to run virtualization software at all it's the lack of harmony it creates in my daily workflow. That's why I use an Ambiance theme for Windows XP.

2 March 2011
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Ubuntu-izing Kubuntu, Ambiance style

If you switch to KDE but miss Ubuntu's 'style' you needn't weep - a new a Ambiance styled Plasma Desktop theme brings Ubuntu's style to the Kubuntu desktop. "Scnd101" is the user behind the stunning creation, which theme the panel, widgets and more in Ambiance-coloured coating.

18 January 2011
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How to Change Sidebar colour in Nautilus-Elementary

Change the colour of Nautilus-Elementary's side to gain better integration with your favourite theme. Ambiance is a fantastic theme and Nautilus-Elementary easily sets the standard for user-friendly file-managers. When both are used together things don't always look as good as they could. Here's how to remedy that with some copy-and-paste pizazz.

16 January 2011
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Borderless Ambiance theme for Emerald

‘Borderless’ themes are all the rage currently. The Elementary-Borderless GTK+ theme we featured a few days back has been particularly popular with users so it was somewhat inevitable that the stock Ubuntu themes would get […]

7 January 2011
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Jupiter mono icons for Ambiance

Easy to use hardware and power management applet Jupiter may stop unnecessary power drain on your Linux netbook but its brightly coloured tray icons can’t do the same for desktop cohesion. Help is here in the shape - or should that be colour - of the following Ambiance-style mono icons for Jupiter, created by Nick Campbell.

6 October 2010