Deviantart-ist ~half-left continues to churn out high-quality well designed GNOME-Shell themes at an alarmingly envious rate.

One of his recent “creations” caught my eye in particular – an Ubuntu Ambiance styled GNOME-Shell theme.

Everything has had attention paid to it: mouse-over highlights, ‘indented’ shadow colourings and, rather amusingly to my mind, the GNOME ‘overlay’ category buttons have been Ambiance-ized to look like Ubuntu’s Nautilus breadcrumbs! Not entirely sold on the grey coloured dock and workspace switcher – the off-white colour of Ubuntu’s mono-icons/nautilus sidebar may have been a more appropriate choice.

If you’re an Ubuntu 11.04 GNOME 3 users missing some of the warm charcoal styling’s that your desktop should come with I say give it a go.

Download and installation instructions can be found @

It should be noted that this is a GNOME-Shell theme – as in a theme for the shell itself – and not a GTK3 port of the Ubuntu Ambiance theme.

Download ambiance gnome-shell themes