Hey there readers. In case you weren’t aware, Ayatana has a mailing list through Launchpad to discuss the future of UI in Ubuntu. It is Ayatana that brought us the Notifications, the oft disputed window button change, and will be bringing us Windicators. However, theres been a bit of discussion lately that I’d thought I’d ask all you about.

The question in mind is that of single click file and folder navigation, rather then the standard double-click. The idea is to simplify basic file navigation, speeding things up a bit for the experienced user and bringing familiarity to the beginner who is perhaps used to web navigation.

You should be aware, this is not something that is currently planned for anything. Its merely something that we have been discussing. I’d like some feedback on a few things.

If you want to read the discussion we’ve had, you can check out the archive here. Please, if you’re interested, join the Ayatana Mailing List, but please, don’t just troll and argue. Be productive and helpful, or just read along.

Onto the feedback. What I’d like for you to do, is change nautilus to single click, by navigating:  nautilus>edit>preferences>behavior>single click
Then there you have it!

Let us know after you switch it, what kind of experience you have, and the difficulties you have. You should make note that to select folders, just drag a rectangle over the folder.

Remember, this is not currently on the table as being changed, it is simply being discussed, so don’t freak out.

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