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install sublime text 3 on ubuntu

How to Install Sublime Text 3 on Ubuntu (Official Repo)

We show you how to install Sublime Text 3 on Ubuntu in three simple commands, using the official Sublime Text Linux repository.

28 May 2017
latte dock

An Unofficial Latte Dock PPA Appears in the Wild

An unofficial Latte Dock PPA finally provides Ubuntu users with an easy way to install Latte Dock and run it on the Plasma desktop.

22 May 2017
plank desktop dock

How to Add Folders to Plank, the Popular Linux Dock

It's easy to add folders to Plank, the popular Linux desktop dock app. Just drag and drop a folder full of files, photos or app shortcuts to the dock.

19 May 2017
GNOME shell extension update button

How To Update GNOME Extensions

Unsure how to update GNOME extensions? You’re not alone. I’ve seen a number of people asking how to update GNOME Shell extensions these past few weeks, no doubt thanks to recent events in Ubuntu-land causing more people to […]

14 May 2017
etcher image writer for usb and sdcards

How to Install Etcher, the open-source USB writer tool, on Ubuntu

Etcher, a popular open-source USB image writer tool for Windows, macOS and Linux, has just issued a new stable release. Version 1.0 arrives almost a year to the day since we first introduced you to this easy-to-use image writer tool. The new […]

13 May 2017
upload photos to instagram from Ubuntu

How To Upload Photos to Instagram from Your Ubuntu PC

If you want to upload photos to Instagram from Ubuntu, you can! The photo sharing site now lets you upload photos without using the official Instagram app.

9 May 2017
Minty Cinnamon Theme

Cinnamon 3.4 Released, Here’s How To Install it on Ubuntu

Linux Mint’s Clement Lefebvre has announced the release of Cinnamon 3.4, the latest stable update to the rather popular Linux desktop environment.  Better yet you can already upgrade to or install Cinnamon 3.4 on Ubuntu using a PPA […]

9 May 2017
firefox multiprocess

Enabling This Makes Firefox More Responsive On Ubuntu

Multiprocess Firefox mode is disabled on Ubuntu due to incompatibility with the Ubuntu Modifications add-on that's preinstalled. So, here's how to enable it.

1 May 2017
gnome shell applications overview sorted

This Script Organises Your GNOME Application Launcher into Categories

This script automatically organizes the GNOME Application launcher into categories and folders, saving you from needing to create and add app folders yourself.

27 April 2017
After: the ~/Pictures/Wallpaper directory is used

The Way GNOME Handles Wallpapers Really Annoys Me

I love GNOME Shell — and no, not just because I’ve little choice now that is Ubuntu’s default desktop! But the more I use GNOME the more I learn that the desktop environment, like every other, has its own share of […]

25 April 2017
create and add gnome app folders

2 Ways to Add App Folders to the GNOME Shell Overview

If you use the main GNOME application launcher (the fullscreen one similar to macOS’s Launchpad) you may have spotted two folders among the app launchers: Sundry and Utilities. These app folders ship by default; you […]

23 April 2017
make firefox faster graphic

Make Firefox Faster on Linux with this Simple Tweak

Apparently force enabling hardware acceleration in Firefox for Linux can make Firefox faster. So, in this post, we'll show you how to try it for yourself.

21 April 2017