Stallman Calls Valve Games on Linux ‘Unethical’

Richard M Stallman – one of the founding fathers of the Free Software movement – has expressed anxiety over games company Valve’s plan to bring their gaming wares to Linux.

The bone of contention in Stallman’s eyes is Valve’s frequent use of Digital Rights Management (DRM) within its software. Rights-encumbered software is, Stallman writes on his blog, ‘unethical’.

Slick New Desktop Reddit App Heading to Linux

A new desktop application for browsing, commenting, and reading social news site Reddit is in development – and it’s coming to Ubuntu.

Reditr, which will be see its first alpha release at some point in the coming weeks, takes a ‘Tweetdeck’ style approach in presenting content from the site.

Jump on in to see screenshots, video of the app in action, and further information.

Latest Skype Release Added to Ubuntu Software Center

Skype have been dutifully updating their Linux client over the last few months but, until today, Ubuntu users had to manually download and install the latest package from Skype’s website.

But now a new upstream release of Skype – though not the most recent – has been added to the Ubuntu Software Center.

‘Wunderlist’ Fogger App Now PPA-Free

Earlier this week we filled you in on Michael Tunnell’s work at bringing Wunderlist back to the Ubuntu desktop – and making it even better in the process.

In that post we mentioned that you would need to add the ‘Fogger Apps’ PPA to Ubuntu in order to install it. Skip forward a few days: now you don’t!

5 Neat New Features Coming to Nuvola Music Player

It integrates web-based music players with the Ubuntu desktop and in its next release Nuvola music player is set to get even better.

From new extensions and music services, to nifty features that make using it more enjoyable, here are our pick of the top 5 new features currently available to try in the most recent beta release.