What do you get when some of the most brilliant people at the most desired technology institute in India join with a FOSS supporting startup try to fix the lousy computer education system?

The answer is Computer Masti.

Literally meaning Computer Fun, this set of books is designed for Grade I-V by the Bombay branch of Indian Institutes of Technology, the most desired Institute for Indian students interested in technology and InOPEN technologies. Masti is a step ahead of the current ‘Click The Start Menu’ books because it uses animation, games and extensive use of interactive multimedia content – using FOSS tools – to teach computer science to school students. It even ships with a CD with Open Source software if you order the printed edition.

Apart from the e-book, Computer Masti is also being used as a textbook in four languages ” English, Marathi, Urdu and Hindi ” from Class 1 to Class 5 across 35 schools in India. For the next academic year, the textbook will be available for students till Class 8 and will cater to 150 schools. It will also be available in Kannada, Tamil, Telegu, Gujarati, Bengal, Arabic and French.

The book is getting pretty popular, It has been downloaded in 98 countries, has 300 Facebook friends and 169 followers on Twitter.

At the Rizvi School in Bandra, Computer Masti replaced the prescribed computer textbook from Class 1 to Class 5. “Our routine computer classes have now transformed into fun with animations and games that aid learning,” said Lalitha Hariharan, principal, Rizvi School.

Atharv Negi, Class 4 student at Juhu’s Jamnabai Narsee School, which introduced Computer Masti this academic year, loves ‘Scratch‘, a programme that allows him to create his own animations. “Earlier the teacher would ask us to complete worksheets on programmes such as Microsoft Office. But, now after explanations, we get down to playing games and other activities. It’s so much fun,” said Negi.

Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu founder, described the book as ‘Super Stuff!’

You can download the E-Books here and order the printed editions here.

You need to register( for free) to download.

via Hindustan Times

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