A new version of the Firefox web browser is available to download.

Mozilla Firefox 108 is the last release planned for this year. It features a small set of modest improvements designed to improve the usability, security, and stability of the browser when used access all major desktop platforms.

The “headline” new feature is WebMIDI API support. This allows Firefox (more specifically stuff run inside of Firefox) to connect and interact with MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) devices attached to a PC. Not all MIDI devices are musical instruments so the feature has non-melodious applications too.

Firefox 108 is also better at handling non-ASCII characters when saving and printing PDF forms; adds the shift + esc key combo to open Process Manager (a great utility to see which tabs use the most resources); and gains support for seamless video looping on sites/players that support it.

Firefox 108 running on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

The browser can properly handle with images using ICCv4 profiles, and enables import maps by default to enable web pages to “control the behaviour of JavaScript imports”.

On the Linux side there are bug fixes and usability buffs, including a refactor of the WebRender driver block to use an ‘allow by default’ policy. This may enable WebRender on more Linux devices than previously. As there is potential for issues, Mozilla plan to start blocking known ‘bad’ devices rather than allowing ‘good’ ones.

Mozilla Firefox 108 is free, open source software. You can download the release from the Mozilla FTP for all supported platforms right now, or wait for the update to roll out through your preferred release channel from Tuesday December 13.

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