Ubuntu 22.10 daily builds are now available to download.

These are snapshot images produced daily for testing and development purposes, but there’s nothing to stop you from using them as your main OS. In fact, Ubuntu daily builds are a quick and easy way to check in on the state of development during the course the 22.10 development cycle.

It’s May 12 that I write this so development is only a few weeks in. As such, there’s not much “new” to see in the release codenamed “Kinetic Kudu”. The early part of developer is spent getting imports synced, tooling updated, and the requisite tech plumbed in and hooked up so all is working well.

Then all the interesting stuff comes.

Download Ubuntu 22.10 Daily Build

Ubuntu daily builds are not final, finished, or bug-free. Do not install an Ubuntu 22.10 daily build as your primary OS (or as the only OS on your mum’s/boyfriend’s/boss’s laptop). Use a separate partition, a dedicated development device, or (ideally) a virtual machine where possible — remember to make frequent backups of important files and settings too!

If you’re technically minded (and can weather occasional breakage) you can use these images in a custom virtual machine (or separate install) to follow Ubuntu 22.10 development. Keep installing updates as and when they arrive and, by October, you’ll be riding the 22.10 wave like an indisputable icon of interim release testing!

Daily build quality varies day to day (😉) so always make sure you’re using the latest “current” build and not a ‘pending’ or snapshot version.

All of that caution out of the way you can head on over to the Ubuntu image server to download a copy of Ubuntu 22.10 .iso to get started with!

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