The codename of the next Ubuntu version has been revealed.

Ubuntu 22.10 is the “Kinetic Kudu” — a kingly combination with which to crown the next short-term release of this colossally popular desktop Linux distro (yes, I’m running out of K words already).

‘Kinetic’ suggests there’ll be some real energy to the next release

But what does it mean?

Kinetic is a kooky if fitting choice. The word itself means “relating to or resulting from motion”. Given that 22.10 is the first post-LTS release it feels like a knowing adjective.

Why? Cos Ubuntu desktop has some real gas in its tank right now. I imagine those stewarding the release will want to use that fuel to try out new technologies, ideas, and approaches.

As for a Kudu? It’s an African antelope usually sporting brown fur —apt given Ubuntu’s past, huh— with white vertical stripes. Male Kudu have spectacularly spiralled horns which will make for some suitably stellar mascot artwork. The name is apparently based on the sound the animal makes when it runs.

Ubuntu 22.10 is due for release on October 20, 2022. We’ll learn more about what’s in store for the release once development formally opens and packages start to filter in.

It’ll feature a new Linux kernel, new graphics drivers, and a slew of updated software as a given. The desktop is likely to be based on GNOME 43. And Ubuntu’s new Flutter-based installer should, after a couple of cycles as a canary test, make its official debut.

In the mean time, be sure you share your thoughts on this codename (and perhaps what you’d have picked if you were given the power) as well as your hopes/wants for the release down in the comments.

codename Kinetic Kudu Ubuntu 22.10