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ubuntu heart and Pipewire logos

Ubuntu 22.10 Makes PipeWire Default for Audio

PipeWire is now shipping as the default audio server in Ubuntu 22.10 daily builds. PipeWire improves audio handling & performance compared to PulseAudio.

22 May 2022

We’re Off — Ubuntu 22.10 Daily Builds Available to Download

Download the latest Ubuntu 22.10 daily build to help test the next version of Ubuntu as 'Kinetic Kudu' development kicks into gear and new features added.

12 May 2022

Ubuntu 22.10 ‘Kinetic Kudu’ is Open for Development

Development on Ubuntu 22.10, codename 'Kinetic Kudu', is now formally underway, Ubuntu developers announced on the developer mailing list.

28 April 2022
Kinetic Kudu 1

Ubuntu 22.10 Codename is Revealed (And It’s Kinda Kooky)

We share the Ubuntu 22.10 codename. The latest adjective + animal combination gives us a couple of clues about what to expect from October's new release.

25 April 2022